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    About Another World

    Another World|アナザーワールド

    The concept of Another World.

    Through the practice of Yoga look inside yourself for your Another World, and look outside your own experiences for an entry to Another World 

    This studio is a collaboration by WeBase Hostel Kamakura and “Studio Yoggy” `Respect, turn your attention to the real goodness in life`. 


    Located inside WeBase Hostel Kamakura,

    4-10-7 Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa.

    15mins walk from JR Kamakura Station , 3mins walk from Yuigahama Station and 1min walk from Yuighama Beach



    Our programs mostly focus on Yoga and Pilates. All classes and teachers are provided by one of the largest authentic Japanese major yoga studio chains “studio yoggy” with over 20 studios, Japan-wide.


    yoggy yoga in-body75 minutes

    This class is for you to learn how to utilize your body and move mindfully in each yoga pose. In this class, you will concentrate on practicing each pose to not only avoid injuring yourself, but also increase your strength and integration of each pose. In class, we will use props as well as partner work in order to achieve your maximum potential. (We also provide yoggy in-body basic classes as well.)


    yoggy yoga in-flow75minutes

    This class allows you to move in a rhythmic flow into and out of yoga poses. The active part of this class gives you a chance to stimulate your mind and body, while the cooling down part offers you a chance to reflect on yourself. This class is recommended for people who seek refreshment of mind and body, better concentration, or simply enjoy moving in a harmonious rhythmic pace. (We also provide yoggy in-flow basic classes as well.)


    yoggy yoga relax (60 minutes)

    Open level. This class is designed to balance out your autonomic nerves (both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) through deep breathing and pose placement. The first half of class will center on strengthening core muscles to support poses, thereby increasing muscle tone and joint flexibility and stimulating the sympathetic nerves. The last half of class will focus on stimulating the parasympathetic nerves to calm your mind, providing mental stability for a more complete relaxation. 


    Core Control Pilates (60min)

    This class is designed to strengthen your core to build supple and strong body. You will learn how to function and control the body in basic to advanced exercises.

    This class is recommended for people who would like to learn breathing techniques, postural alignment, and better concentration.


    Beauty Pelvis ® (75min)

    This class is designed to condition the whole body while focusing on the pelvic area. Each of us have our own tendency in both mind and body. The body changes time to time according to our emotion, environment and so on. And we need to know how to adjust our body through these changes. The class is recommended for total beginner students as well as non-beginners for body maintenance.



    On occasion we also provide Outdoor Activities or other Special Event to experience local attractiveness
    Please check the details class information on the calendar page


    Membership Signup Fee: Free

    Price of Yoga & other Studio Based Classes

    Monthly Members Fee 

    (Unlimited Class Entry)

    9,000 Yen,( 8,333 Yen exl Tax)

    Multiple Class Pass 

    (4 Time Pass, Valid for 2 months after purchase)

    10,000 Yen incl Tax 

    1 Time Ticket

    General Public: 2,700 Yen incl Tax

    WeBase Guests: 1,000 Yen incl Tax

    Outdoor Activities or other Special Event Prices.

    Prices are set according to each type of class.

    For WeBase guests please show your room key or accommodation fee payment receipt at the front desk to receive the WeBase guests discount. 

    Monthly members and 4 class passes are only available to people who have pre-registered online (No charge). For registration please click here

    For those who wish to become monthly members, a separate registration form must be completed at the Studio itself. This is in addition to the online registration.


    We recommend members book online for classes at least 1 day prior to the class as there are limited spots available. 

    Please make bookings via the another-world homepage (Online member registration necessary) or via phone +81 467 22 1250)

    Changes to bookings and cancellations can be made up to 24:00 the day before.

    Check in

    On the day of your class please present your monthly members card, multiple pass or one time pass to the WeBase front desk.

    For those wishing to sign up for a monthly membership or purchases passes can do so at the front desk.

    Customers whom arrive late will be refused entry to the studio. Please arrive at the front desk 20minutes before the scheduled start time.